A treasury of Kentish greatness

This website is a tribute to the unique county of Kent.

It comes at a special time in the county’s history, the year 2020 being the 800th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Becket, as well as the 150th anniversary of the death of its most famous writer, Charles Dickens, and the founding of one of its most cherished institutions, Kent County Cricket Club.

The site covers much more than religion, literature and sport, however, being a collection of stories about the many people, places and practices that have made Kent so different. 

Sadly, this is also a special time for a much less happy reason. Like the rest of the country, Kent is living under a semi-curfew. We humans being a social species, this risks having effects that for many could be worse than the malady that has prompted it.

For that reason, many in the county have been working hard to create ways of relieving social isolation, boredom, and loss of purpose. This website is Old Bunyard’s small contribution to those efforts. It’s a big project that will take months to complete, for which reason it will be posted in instalments.

Do spend some time soaking up Kent’s many stories, and prepare to be amazed at how much the county and its people have to be proud of. It will hopefully provide a little education and entertainment to help pass the time until they sound the last All Clear.