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Abutilon Kentish Belle
Adams, William
Aethelberht I, King of Kent
Agutter, Jenny
Air Union Blériot 155 crashes
Aitken, Jonathan, perjury trial of
Al-Din Qajar, Naser, Shah of Persia

Ale sop
Alexander I, Tsar of Russia
Alexander II, King of Scotland

Alfonso XIII, King of Spain
Alfred, Prince, Duke of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha
Alfred the Great, King of England
Allectus coin, The

All Fours
Allington Castle
Allison, Malcolm

Ambler, Eric
Amherst, Jeffery, 1st Baron Amherst
Ancients, The
Andersen, Hans-Christian
Andrews, Julie

‘Angels One Five’
Anne, Princess Royal of the United Kingdom

Anne of Cleves, Queen of England
Archbishop’s Palace, Charing
Archbishop’s Palace, Maidstone
Archer, Jeffrey
Arden of Faversham, murder of

Arnold, Andrea
Arnold, Matthew
Arsenal Football Club
Asher-Smith, Dina

Ashes, The
Ashford retail park murder
Ashford tank, The
Astor, Nancy, Viscountess Astor
Astor, William Waldorf Astor, 1st Viscount Astor
Austen, Jane
Austen, Admiral of the Fleet Sir Francis

Auto Stacket debacle
Aylesford-Swarling culture
Backley, Steve
Bacon, Sir Nicholas
Baden Powell, Robert, Lieutenant-General, 1st Baron Baden Powell
Baedeker Blitz, The
Baird, John Logie

Baker, Tom
Ball, John
Bampton, Debbie
Band of Brothers, The
Banks, Sir Joseph

Bar billiards
Barham Court

Barkworth, Peter
Bartley, John

Barton, Elizabeth
Barton, Warren
Bartram, Sam
Bat and trap

Bates, HE
Bathing machines
Battle of Britain Memorial

Bayes, Thomas
Bayham Hall
Bayham Old Abbey

Bayley, Laura
Beachborough Manor
Beale, Bobby
Beaney House of Art & Knowledge
Beast of Tunbridge Wells, The
Beatles, The

Beauty of Kent
Beauty Show
Beaverbrook, Lord
Beck, Jeff
Beckett, Samuel
Bedgebury National Pinetum
Bedle, William
Beel, George

Behn, Aphra
Bell, John
Bell Inn revenue inspectors, The
Belmont House

Bennett, John
Benson, Sir Francis
Beresford, William, General, 1st Viscount Beresford
Berkeley, Ballard

Berry, Chuck
Best, George
Bethersden marble

Betjeman, Sir John
Bevan, Aneurin

Bewl Water
Biddenden Maids, The
Biddenden Vineyards
Big Cat Sanctuary
Biggin Hill
Biggin Hill Meteor crashes, The
Blackheath Football Club
Blackheath Hockey Club

Blackwall Tunnel
Blake, Sir Peter
Blake, William
Blaxland, Gregory
Bleak House
Bligh, Ivo
Blethyn, Brenda

Bloom, Orlando
Blue Bell Hill ghost, The
Bluebeard the Hermit

Blythe, Colin
Blyton, Enid
Bolan, Marc

Boleyn, Queen Anne of England
Boleyn, Thomas, 1st Earl of Wiltshire
Bomb Alley
Bonham Carter, Helena
Bossenden Wood, The Battle of
Botany Bay

Botany Bay, Sha La La
Botany Bay, The Battle of
Boucher, Joan

Boughton Monchelsea Place
Boughton Place

Bouncing Bomb, The
Bourne, Lieutenant-Colonel
Bourne Place
Bowie, David

Box, Betty E
Boxley Abbey miracle, The
Boy George

Brabazon of Tara, 1st Baron
Bradbourne House

Bradman, Sir Donald
Brand, Jo
Brando, Marlon
Brands Hatch
Branson, Sir Richard
Brides in the Bath Murders, The
Bridges, Robert
Britain, The Battle of

British aviation, birth of
Brogdale Farm
Brooke, Henry, 11th Baron Cobham
Broome Park
Brown, Capability
Brown, Ford Madox
Brown, June
Browning, Robert
Bruce, Steve

Bruford, Bill
Brunel, Isambard Kingdom
Bruno, Frank
Buchan, Charlie
Buchan, John, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir
Buckmore Park Kart Circuit
Buffalo Bill
Buffs, The

Bulmer, Ken
Bunyard, George
Burbage, James
James Burke
Burnett, Frances Hodgson
Burton, Richard  & Taylor, Dame Elizabeth
Bush, Kate
Butler, Samuel
Butler, Steve

Byng, Admiral of the Fleet George, 1st Viscount Torrington
Byron, Lord

Caine, Sir Michael
Callaghan, James, Baron Callaghan of Cardiff
Callimachi, Princess Anne-Marie of Roumania
Campbell, Francis Maule
Campbell, Sir Malcolm
Canterbury Castle

Canterbury Cathedral
Canterbury Cathedral, The Great Fire of
Canterbury City Walls
Canterbury College, Oxford

Canterbury Cross, The
Canterbury Martyrs, executions of

Canterbury Pace
Canterbury, The Sack of

Canterbury Scene, The
Canterbury Tale, A
Canterbury Tales
Canterbury Tales, The
Canterbury tart

Carleton, Mary
Carroll, Lewis
Catherine de Valois, Queen of England
Catherine of Aragon, Queen of England
Catherine of Braganza, Queen of England
Cavell, Edith
Caxton, William
Cazalet, Peter
Chagall Windows, The
Chain Home
Chalybeate Spring, The
Channel crossing, first by air
Channel crossing, first swimmer
Channel crossing, first by aeroplane
Channel crossing, first two-way

Channel Tunnel, Opening of the
Chapel Down
Chaplin, Charlie

Chapman, Graham
Chapman, Percy
Chapman, Tommy
Charing Heath flying bomb, The
Charles I, King of England
Charles II, King of England
Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor
Charlton Athletic Football Club

Charlton Horn Fair
Chatham Chest, The
Chatham Historic Dockyard
Chatham prison riot, The
Chaucer, Geoffrey
Chevallier Tayler’s ‘Kent Vs Lancashire at Canterbury’
Chevening House
Chiddingstone Castle
Chilham Castle
Chilston Park
Chislehurst Caves
Chocolate Cream Poisoner, The

Choong, Joe
Chopin, Frédéric
Christchurch Gateway
Christian IV, King of Denmark
Christie, Dame Agatha, Lady Mallowan
Churchill, Sir Winston
Cinque Ports, The
Clarence, The Duke of
Clark, George Foster
Clark, Kenneth, Baron Clark
Clary, Julian
Claudius, Emperor of Rome
Cleese, John
Cnut’s Kentish war crime
Cnut the Great, King of England

Coalmining, Kent’s worst accident
Coast Blockade, The
Cobbett, William
Cobham Hall
Cobham Mausoleum
Cocks Heath
Cohen, George

Coldrum Long Barrow
Coleman, Tim
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Colgate, William
Collins, Wilkie

Compton Bennett, Herbert
Congreve, Sir William
Conquest House
Conrad, Joseph
Conway, Sir Martin
Cook, Commander James
Cooke, Sam
Cooling Castle
Cooper, Sir Henry

Cooper, Thomas Sidney
Corry, Martin
Cotton, Sir Henry
Coward, Sir Noel
Cowdrey, Colin, Lord Cowdrey of Tonbridge

Coxwell, Henry
Crab & Winkle line, The

Cranbrook School of sports broadcasting
Cranmer, Archbishop Thomas
Craven, CS
Crawford, Michael
Cray Wanderers

Croft, Annabel
Crompton, Richmal
Crook, Mackenzie
Croquet Association, The

Crossness Pumping Station
Crowe, Russell
Crowley, Aleister
Crystal Palace Football Club
Crystal Palace fire, The
Culpeper, Thomas
Cushing, Peter
Custom House, Ramsgate
Cutty Sark

Dahl, Roald
Danson Park
Dartford Crossing, The
Darwin, Charles
Davies, Sir Ray
Davis, Steve
Davison, Emily
Davy, Sir Humphry, 1st Baronet
Day-Lewis, C.
Day-Lewis, Sir Daniel
Deal Castle
Deal Man, The
De Badlesmere, Sir Bartholomew
De Bernières, Louis
Dee, Jack
Deedes, William, Baron Deedes
Defoe, Daniel

De Gaulle, Charles, Brigadier-General, President of France
Dekker, Desmond

De la Mare, Walter
De Montfort, Simon

Denny, Sandy
Dering windows
De Talleyrand, Charles-Maurice
Devil’s Kneading Trough, The

Diana, Princess of Wales
Dickens, Charles
Digges, Thomas
Disraeli, Benjamin
Ditchburn, Ted
Doddington Place
Dode Church
Doherty, Pete
Donne, John

Douce’s Manor
Dover Bronze Age boat
Dover Castle
Dover incident, The
Dover, Secret Treaty of
Dover, The Siege of
Dover sole
Dowding, Hugh, Air Chief Marshall, 1st Baron Dowding
Down House
Downs, The Battle of the
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan
Drake, Sir Francis
Ducat, Andy
Duchamp, Marcel
Duckham, Alexander
Duke cricket ball, The
Dukes Place
Du Maurier, Dame Daphne, Lady Browning

Dumpton Park
Dungeness Old Lighthouse
Dunkirk evacuation, see Operation Dynamo
Durrant, Sergeant Thomas
Dylan, Bob
Dymchurch Martello Tower

Earl of Kent, The
Earthquake, Dover Straits 1382
Earthquake, Dover Straits 1580
Earthquake, Verviers
Eastbridge Hospital of St Thomas the Martyr
Eastgate House
East Indiamen, Wreck of the
East Kent flood
East Kent Railway
Eastry Court

East Sutton Park
Eastwell Manor
Ebbsfleet, The Battle of

Ecclestone, Bernie
Eden, William, 1st Baron Auckland
Edenbridge Bonfire Night
Edenbridge House
Edward I, King of England
Edward VI, King of England
Edward, the Black Prince
Egerton House
Eldridge, John
Eleanor of Castile, Queen of England
Electrical current, discovery of
Elephant, King Henry III’s

Elham Murders
Eliot, George
Eliot, TS
Elizabeth I, Queen of England

Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom, et al
Elmley National Nature Reserve
Eltham Palace
Emin, Tracey

Emirates Air Line
Emmetts Garden
Engels, Friedrich
English Bowling Association
Erasmus, Desiderius
Essinger, Anna
Evans, Dame Edith
Evelyn, John
Execution of John Bell
FA Cup final

Fagg, Arthur
Faith, Adam
Faraday, Michael
Farage, Nigel

Farmer, Suzan
Fatboy Slim

Fatty Towers
Faunce-De Laune, Chapman Delaune
Faversham Abbey
Faversham, The Great Explosion of
Faversham Stone Chapel
Fermor, Sir Patrick Leigh
Ferry, Bryan
Filmer, Sir Robert
Firth, Colin
Fisher, Kitty

Fleming, Ian
Flower of Kent
Flynn, Errol

Foale, Dr Michael
Folkestone Abbey, foundation of
Foots Cray Place
Ford, Billy
Ford, Ford Madox
Ford Palace
Fordwich Arms
Forster, EM
Forsyth, Sir Bruce
Forsyth, Frederick
Fort Amherst
Foxgrove Road
Fox-Pitt, William
Frampton, Pete
Franklin, Benjamin
Franks Hall
Freeman, AP ‘Tich’
French Invasion, The

French, Kate
Friars, The
Friedrich Wilhelm III, King of Prussia
Fright, Eric
Frognal House
Frost, Sir David
Fry, CB

Fry, Christopher
Fry, Elizabeth
Funnell, William
Fyndon Gate
Gads Hill Place

Galba, Emperor of Rome
Gandhi, Mahatma
Garden of England
Geldof, Bob
George III, King of England
Gibson, Wing Commander Guy
Gillingham bus disaster
Gillingham Park fire disaster
Goal Running
Godinton House
Godley, Kevin
Godmersham Park

Golden Hind, The
Golding, Sir William
Goodnestone House
Goodwin Sands
Goodwin Sands, Battle of the
Gore Court
Gosling, RC
Gotha bombing raid
Gower, David

Gower, John
Grace, WG
Grahame, Margot

Grain Tower
Granada Theatres
Grand Hotel, The
Grange, The
Graveney Marsh, Battle of
Gravesend, great fire of
Gray, Stephen

Great Comp Garden
Great gale of 1624
Great Maytham Hall
Great Securitas Robbery
Great South England flood
Great storm of 1703
Great storm of 1897
Great storm of 1987
Greengrass, Paul
Greensand Way
Greenstreet, Sydney
Greenwich Hospital, opening of

Greenwich Meridian
Greenwich Park
Grey, Lady Jane, Queen of England
Greyfriars Chapel & Gardens
Groombridge Place
Guildhall Museum

Guillemard, AG
Guinness, Sir Alec

Gurney, Ivor
Guy’s-Hospital Football Club
Gypsy Tart
Hadlow Castle
Hagen, Walter

Halden Place
Hales Place
Hales, Stephen
Hall Place
Halley, Edmond
Hamilton, Charles

Hammond, Celia
Hammond, Wally
Hardinge, Wally
Hardy, Sir Thomas
Harley, Steve
Harman, Lance-Corporal John
Harris, George, 4th Lord Harris
Harry, Debbie
Hartlake disaster, The
Hartnell, William
Harvey, Sir William

Hassall, Christopher
Hawtrey, Charles
Hay, Will
Hazlitt, William

Hearne, Richard
Hearnes, The
Heath, Sir Edward
Hendrix, Jimi
Hengist and Horsa
Henrietta Maria, Queen of England
Henry V, King of England
Henry VIII, King of England
Hepburn, Audrey
Heresy trials, Lollards
Heronden Hall
Hever Castle
Higham Park
High Elms

High Rocks
High Sheriff of Kent

Hill, Benny
Hill, Sir George Rowland
Hill, Harry
Hill, Octavia
Hislop, Ian

Hislop, Victoria
Hitchcock, Sir Alfred
Hither Green rail crash
HMS Bulwark disaster
HMS Glatton, sinking of
HMS Princess Irene disaster

HMS Sovereign of the Seas, launch of
HMS Truculent, sinking of
HMS Victory, launch of
Hodgson, Roy

Hogarth, William
Hole Park
Holland, Jools
Holland House
Hollingbourne Manor
Holly, Buddy
Holly-Boy and Ivy-Girl
Holly Hill Wood
Hollywood, Paul
Holmes, Colonel Dame Kelly
Holwood House
Honor Oak
Hope, Bob
Hop Farm, The

Horne’s Place Chapel
Hothfield Place
Houdini, Harry
Houghton, Bobby
House of Agnes, The
Hovercraft, first Channel crossing by

Howard, Trevor
Howletts House
Howletts Wildlife Park
Hubble, Jack

Hughes, Margaret ‘Peg’
Huguenot migrations, The
Hull, Rod
Hume, Benita
Hurt, Sir John
I Am the Walrus’
Idol, Billy
Ightham Mote
Imperial War Museum, opening of

‘Ingoldsby Legends, The’
Ingress Abbey
Iqbal, Asif
IRA bomb outrage, Deal
IRA bomb outrage, Maidstone
Iris germanica Kent Pride
Irving, Sir Henry
Ishiguro, Sir Kazuo
Isle of Grain
Isle of Sheppey
Isle of Thanet

Ivy, Bill
Jackson, Glenda
Jacobi, Sir Derek
Jacques, Hattie
Jagger, Sir Mick
Jago, Gordon
James II, King of England
James, Henry

James, MR
Jezreel’s Tower
John II the Good, King of France

John, Sir Elton
John Paul II, Pope

Johnson, Amy, death of
Johnson, Katie
Johnson, Dr Samuel
Julius Caesar
Justice, James Robertson
Jutes, The

Kearsney Abbey
Keats, John
Kelsey Park

Kennard, Wing Commander Hugh
Kennedy, John F
Kent All-Comers’ Championships
Kent & East Sussex Railway
Kent Battle of Britain Museum

Kent Coalfield, The
Kent County Cricket Club
Kent County Lunatic Asylum, opening of
Kent County Show

Kentish Beacons, The
Kentish cherry batter pudding
Kentish cobnuts
Kentish dialect
Kentish Fire
Kentish glory
Kentish Knock

Kent peg tiles
Kentish Petition of 1642
Kentish Petition of 1701
Kentish plover
Kentish Post, launch of
Kentish rag
Kentish rarebit
Kentish Resistance

Kentish Royal Legend, The
Kentish tracery
Kent Lent pie
Kent Life
Kent miners’ strike
Kent rose
Keppel, Alice

Kerly, Sean
Kidd, Captain
Kidman, Nicole
King, Syd
King’s School, Canterbury, foundation of the
Kingston brooch
Kipling, Rudyard
Kitchener, Lord
Kit’s Coty House

Knatchbull-Hugessen, Sir Hughe
Knott, Alan
Knowlton Court

Koettlitz, Reginald
Kray, Reggie

Kubrick, Stanley
Kureishi, Hanif

Lady in the Woods, The
Lady Lovibond, The
Laker, Sir Freddie
Lamb, Charles
Lamb’s tail pie
Lanchester, Elsa

Landen, Dinsdale
Langtry, Lillie
Larking, Sir Charles Gordon
La Rue, Danny

‘Last Orders’
Laurel & Hardy
Law, Jude

Lawn Tennis, Birth of
Lawrence of Arabia
Leary, Stuart
Leas Cliff Hall

Leas Lift
Lee, Bernard
Leeds Castle
Leeds Castle, 1st Siege of
Leeds Castle, 2nd Siege of

Leeds Castle Summit, 1978
Leeds Park Cricket Club
Lees Court
Leland, John

Le Mesurier, John
Lenham Cross
Lewis, Charlie

Lewis-Evans, Lewis & Stuart
Lewisham rail crash
Libbet and daddy
Liddell, Alice
Liddell, Eric

Linacre, Thomas
Linton Place

Lister, Joseph, 1st Baron Lister
Little Richard

Little Tich
Liudhard medalet

Live football on TV
Lloyd, John
Lloyd, Marie
Lloyd-George, David
Loader, Kevin
Locke, John
Lockwood, Margaret

Lodge, David
London Marathon

London Stone, The
Lord Lucan, disappearance of
Lott, Pixie
Louis-Philippe I, King of France

Lovelace, Richard
Lubbock, Sir John, Baron Avebury
Lubbocks, The

Lucas, Wing Commander Laddie
Luddesdown Court
Lullingstone Castle
Lullingstone Roman Villa
Lumley, Joanna

Lydd Airport
Lyly, John
Lympne Airport
Lympne Castle

Lynsted Court
Macauley, Catharine
Maclean, Donald, defection of
Maidstone Athletic Ground
Maidstone, Battle of
Maidstone Grammar School, incorporation of
Maidstone ‘iguanadon’
Maidstone Ladies Football Club

Maidstone Studios, The
Maidstone Tennis Tournament
Maidstone Typhoid Epidemic
Maison Dieu, Dover
Maison Dieu, Ospringe
Mann, Sir Horatio, 2nd Baronet
Manston Airport
Manuel II Palaeologos, Emperor of Byzantium
Marconi, Guglielmo

Margaret of Anjou, Queen of England
Margate Jetty, destruction of
Maria Alexandrovna, Grand Duchess of Russia

Marie, Queen of Roumania
Maritime film, first British
Maritime Museum
Marks, Charlie
Marlowe, Christopher
Marlowe Theatre
Martin, Sir George
Marx, Karl
Mary I, Queen of England
Mason, Gary
Matfield House

Matthew Paris’s Map
Maugham, W Somerset

Maunsell Forts
Maynard, Captain Robert
McCudden, Major James
McGoohan, Patrick
McKern, Leo
McMullan, Jimmy
McTell, Ralph
Medway, Battle of the
Medway, Raid on the
Men of Kent and Kentish Men
Menuhin, Yehudi, Baron Menuhin
Mereworth Castle
Metropolitan Board of Works
Metternich-Winneburg zu Bellstein, Prince of

Miles, Maxine
Millais Oak

Millen, Karen
Milligan, Spike
Milton Chantry
Minster Abbey
Minster-in-Thanet Priory

Mission Control, Lympne
Modern Pentathlon
Monkhouse, Bob

Monk Lakes
Monks Horton Priory

Montefiore, Sir Moses
Montgomery, Field Marshall Bernard, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein
Montresor, Captain John
Moore, Sir Roger
More, Sir Thomas

Morecambe, Eric
Morgan, Lieutenant General Sir Frederick
Morley, Robert

Morpurgo, Sir Michael
Morrell, Lady Ottoline
Morris, William
Moss, Stirling
Mote Park
Mouat, Sir James

Mount Ephraim Gardens
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Muir, Frank
Mynn, Alfred

Nairne, Edward
Napoleon III, Emperor of France
Napoleon’s invasion plan
Nash, Beau
National Hop Collection
National Maritime Museum
Nelson, Admiral Horatio, Lord Nelson
Nepean, Charles
Nesbit, E.
Nevison’s horse ride
New Brompton Football Club
Newell, Isaac

Nicklaus, Jack
Niven, David
Nore Mutiny
Northcliffe, Lord
North Cray Place

North Downs
North Downs Way
Northern Belle, wreck of the
Northfleet, sinking of the
Novak, Kim
Nunn, John

O2, The
Oakley, Annie
Oakwood Hospital fire
Oakwood House
Oast houses
Oates, Titus
Odo of Bayeux
Offa, King of Mercia
O’Grady, Paul
Olantigh Towers

Old Canonry
Old County Ground
Oldman, Gary
Old Royal Naval College
Old Soar Manor
Old Weavers House
Operation Dynamo

Operation Sealion
Orczy, Emma, Baroness

Ordnance Survey, first map
Original All Blacks

Origanum Kent Beauty
Otford, 1st Battle of
Otford, 2nd Battle of
Otford Palace
Otham Manor

Ottaway, Cuthbert
Otterden Place
Over-arm bowling
Oxney Court

Oxo cube
Oxon Hoath

Paine, Thomas
Palace of Placentia

Pallister, Gary
Pantiles, The
Parsons, Lieutenant Francis
Paul, Leslie
Paul, Sandra, Baroness Howard of Lympne
Pavarotti, Luciano
Paxton, Sir Joseph
Peacock, Gavin
Peacock, Keith

Peake, Mervyn
Peasants’ Revolt, The
Pegwell Bay
Penenden Heath, last hangings at
Penenden Heath Trial

Penn, John Jr
Penn, William the Younger
Penshurst Place
Pepys, Samuel
Pertinax, Emperor of Rome
Peter the Great, Tsar of Russia
Pett cricket bat

Pett, Captain Phineas
Pett, Peter
Pett Place

Pevsner’s Kent
Philip II, King of Spain
Pilch, Fuller
Pilgrims Way
Pissarro, Camille
Pitt the Elder, William
Pitt the Younger, William
Pitt Rivers, Lieutenant-General Augustus
Plimsoll, Samuel
Plum Pudding Riot

PLUTO bungalows
Port Lympne Mansion
Port Lympne Safari Park
Powell, Michael
Powell-Cotton, Major Percy
Preston Hall
Priestfield Stadium
Primary Club

Prospect Cottage
Provender House
Pugin, Augustus

Pujji, Squadron Leader Mohinder Singh
Quant, Mary
Quebec House
Queen Elizabeth Oak

Queen’s House

Quex House
Raducanu, Emma
Raleigh, Sir Walter
Ramsgate Tunnels

Rare Breeds Centre
Rebellion, Jack Cade’s

Rectory Field
Reculver Towers
Redgrave, Vanessa
Red House, The
Reed, Sir Carol
Reeves & Mortimer

Renny-Tailyour, Henry
Restoration House
Reza Pahlavi, Mohammed, Shah of Persia

Rhodes, Dame Zandra
Ribbentrop, Joachim von
Richard I, King of England
Richard III, King of England

Richard, Cliff
Richard of Eastwell
Richards, Frank, see Hamilton, Charles
Richards, Keith
Richborough Castle

Rigby, Edward
Ringle Crouch Green Mill
Ringlemere cup
Ringlestone Inn

Riou, Captain Edward
Riverhill Himalayan Gardens
RNAS Kingsnorth, foundation of
Robson, Frederick
Rochester Castle
Rochester Cathedral
Rochester, Siege of
Rochester Sweeps Festival

Rolvenden Windmill
Roman lighthouse at Dover
Roman Painted House
Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway
Romney Marsh
Romney sheep

Rooke, Admiral of the Fleet Sir George
Rootes, William, 1st Baron Rootes
Roper Gate
Rosherville Gardens, opening of
Rossetti, Christina
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel

Rothwell, Talbot
Round-arm bowling
Roux, Albert
Royal Arsenal, The
Royal Blackheath Golf Club
Royal Dockyards
Royal Engineers Museum

Royal Faversham
Royal Military Canal
Royal Observatory
Royal St George’s Golf Club
Royce, Sir Henry

Rugby Football Union, The
Rumball Whitings
Rumble in Wrotham
Russell, Bertrand, 3rd Earl Russell
Ryan, John
Rylance, Sir Mark
Sackville-West, Vita
Sadler, David
Sadler, Matthew
St Alban’s Court
St Anselm of Canterbury
St Augustine of Canterbury
St Augustine’s Abbey
St Augustine’s Conduit House
St Augustine’s Cross
St Bartholomew’s Hospital, Rochester (1078), foundation of
St Bertha, Queen of Kent
St Clere
St George’s Tower, Canterbury

St John the Baptist Hospital, Canterbury
St Lawrence Ground
St Leonard’s Church Ossuary
St Leonard’s Tower
St Martin’s Church

St Sexburga
St Thomas Becket

St William of Rochester, murder of
Salomons, Sir David, 2nd Baronet
Saltwood Castle
Salutation, The
Samphire Hoe
Sanders, George
Sandgate Castle
Sandwich, The
Sandwich, 1st Battle of
Sandwich, 2nd Battle of
Sandwich, 3rd Battle of
Sandwich runes, The
Sandwich, Sack of
Sandwich tern
Sargent, John Singer
Sargent, Sir Malcolm
Sarre Windmill
Sassoon, Siegfried
Saxon Shore Way
Scotney Castle
Screaming Woods
Secret Wartime Tunnels
Sellers, Piers
Septimius Severus, Emperor of Rome
Seth, Vikram
Sevenoaks rail accident
Shackleton, Sir Ernest
Sharp, Sir Edward
Sharsted Court
Shaw, George Bernard
Shell Grotto
Shelley, Mary
Shepherd Neame
Sheppey Crossing incident

Sheridan, Andrew
Shipley, William
Shoe money
Short Brothers

Shurland Hall
Sidney, Sir Philip
Sigismond of Luxembourg, Holy Roman Emperor
Simpson, John
Sinden, Sir Donald
Sioux, Siouxsie
Sir Edward Dering’s Regiment of Foot
Sir John Boys House
Sissinghurst Castle Gardens
Smallhythe Place
Smalling, Chris

Smith, Granny
Smith, Sir Francis Pettit
Smith, Steve
Smith, Stevie
Smith’s Hall
SMS Grosser Kurfürst, sinking of
Smuts, Field Marshall Jan
Sobers, Sir Garfield

Somme Football, The
Sondes murder
‘SOS’ message, world’s first
Spall, Timothy
Spa Valley Railway
Speeding ticket, world’s first
Spencer, Herbert
Spenser, Edmund
Sportsman, The
Squerryes Court
SS Deutschland, wreck of
SS Kielce explosion
SS Princess Alice disaster
SS Richard Montgomery, wreck of

Staplehurst rail crash
Starkey, Dr David
Starkey’s Castle
Steadman, Ralph
Stede, Edwyn
Stede Court
Stephen, King of England
Stephenson, George
Still, John
Stokeses, The
Stone, Joss
Stonley, Stiv
Stowting air crash

Street, The
Stupples, Karen
Styrene, Poly
Surrenden Dering
Surtees, John
Sutton Valence Castle
Swanscombe Man

Swanton, EW
Swarling Manor
Sweyn Forkbeard, King of England
Swing Riots
Sydney, Lord

Tallis, Thomas
Taylor, Peter
Telford, Thomas
Temple Manor
Tennyson, Alfred, Lord
Ten wickets in an innings
Terry, Dame Ellen

Testonites, The
Thackeray, William Makepeace

Thames & Medway Canal
Thames Barrier
Thanetian Age
Thatcher, Margaret, Baroness Thatcher
Theatre Royal, Margate
Thompson, Jim

Thompson, Sir Thomas
Thorndike, Dame Sybil
Thorndike, Russell

Tirel, Walter
Tissot, James
Tithe Barn, Maidstone
Tonbridge Castle
Tong, Pete
Torry Hill
Tourtel, Mary
Townsend, Andy
Toys Hill

Tradescant, John the Younger
Trafalgar Tavern
Transatlantic crossings, first by steamship
Trevithick, Richard
Tuck, Wing Commander Roland Stanford

Tull, Walter
Tunbridge Ware
Tunbridge Wells hailstorm
Tunbridge Wells Opera House
Tunstall House

Turner, JMW
Turpin, Dick
Tyler, Wat
Underwood, Derek
Unitarian Old Meeting House
Upnor Castle

Valley Party, The
Vanbrugh, Sir John
Vanbrugh Castle
Van Dyck, Sir Anthony
Van Gogh, Vincent
Vespasian, Emperor of Rome
Vicious, Sid
Victor Emmanuel II, King of Italy
Victor Emmanuel III, King of Italy
Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom, Empress of India

Vincent, Gene
Vine Cricket Ground
Vinters Park
Von Blücher, Field Marshall
Von Bülow, General
Wade, Virginia
Waldershare Park
Wallinger’s white elephant
Wallis, Sir Barnes
Walmer Castle
Walpole, Horace
Walpole Bay Hotel
Walsingham, Sir Francis
Wantsum Channel
Ward, Jack
Warner, Jack

Watling Street
Watts, Naomi
Weald, The
Wealden hall house
Wealden iron industry
Weil, Simone
Wellington, Duke of
Wells, HG
Wells, John
Wesley, John
Westenhanger Castle
Western Heights
Westgate Towers
West House, The

West Kent Football Club
Whatman, James the Elder
Whispering the death

Whistler, Rex
White Cliffs of Dover
White Horse Stone
White Horse Wood Country Park
Whitehead, Alfred North
Whitstable, great fire of
Whitstable Oyster Festival
Widdecombe, Ann

Wilberforce, William
Wilberforce Oak
Wilde, Oscar
Willcox, Toyah
Willett, William

Williams, Bill
Willikin of the Weald

Wilson, Josephine
Winner, Sir Michael

Winslet, Kate
Winter Gardens, Margate
Witch trial, Eleanor Cobham
Witch trial, Faversham
Witch trial, Maidstone
Wolfe, Major-General James
Wolsey, Cardinal Thomas

Wooderson, Sydney
Woodville, Richard, 1st Earl Rivers

Woolley, Frank
Woolworth’s V-2 disaster
Wordsworth, William
World Custard Pie Championship

World Rugby
World speed record
Worrall Thompson, Antony
Wright brothers
Wright, Ian
Wyatt, Sir Thomas the Elder
Wyatt, Sir Thomas the Younger

Wyatt’s Rebellion
Wyman, Bill

Yacht racing
Yarnold, Lizzy
Yarrow Hotel
Yeats, WB

York, Michael
Yotes Court
Zborowski, Louis
Zborowski, Margaret

Zeebrugge Raid
Zeppelin L15, destruction of

Zeta-Jones, Catherine