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Image credits 

King Aethelberht of Kent: Saforrest – cropped.
Ale Sop: © Old Bunyard
Allectus coin: © Dix Noonan Webb.
Archbishop’s Palace, Charing: © Old Bunyard
Archbishop’s Palace, Maidstone: © Old Bunyard
Aylesford-Swarling pottery: Feitscherg
Debbie Bampton: Sevcoteehee
John Bartley: © Ben McGannan
Warren Barton: © Ben McGannan
Sam Bartram: David Hatch
Battle of Britain Memorial:
© Battle of Britain Memorial
Bayham Old Abbey: MortimerCat
Beaney House of Art & Knowledge: Geni
Thomas Becket: Cnbrb – cropped.
Bedgebury Pinetum: Ron Strutt
The Bell Inn revenue inspectors: canalandriversidepubs co uk
Belmont House: © Old Bunyard

Bethersden marble: © Old Bunyard
Bewl Water: Loz Pycock 
Biddenden Maids: © Old Bunyard
Biddenden Vineyards: © Old Bunyard

Big Cat Sanctuary: © Old Bunyard
Blackfriars: Ymblanter
Blue Bell Hill ghost: © Kent Messenger Group
Botany Bay: Le Deluge 
Boughton Place: © Old Bunyard
Bourne Park House: Stephen Richards
Bradbourne House: Nigel Chadwick
Brogdale Farm: Colin Smith
Steve Bruce: ChrisTheDude – cropped
Buckmore Park: BPKC
Steve Butler: © Ben McGannan
Canterbury Castle: © Old Bunyard
Canterbury Walls: © Old Bunyard
The Canterbury Scene: Tim Duncan
Chagall  windows: Klaus D Peter
Chapel Down: © Old Bunyard
Chevening House: Matthew Black
Chilham Castle: Lieven Smits
Christchurch Gateway: Ad Meskens – cropped
Cinque ports: GrahamPadruig
George Cohen: Christophe95
Conquest House: © Old Bunyard
Cooling Castle: Luke McKernan
Custom House: © Google Earth
Lord Cowdrey of Tonbridge: Rediff – cropped
Crab & Winkle line: Old Moonraker
Deal Castle: Lieven Smits
Dering windows: © Old Bunyard
Devil’s Kneading Trough: © Old Bunyard
Ted Ditchburn: Harry Pot – cropped
Doddington Place: © Old Bunyard
Dode church: © Nigel Viner
Dover Bronze Age boat: Jim Linwood, London
Dukes Place: © Culpepper Connections!
Durolevum: pam fray – cropped
East Kent Railway: © Keith Rylands
Eastwell Manor: © Old Bunyard
Edenbridge House: © Google Earth
Edward Heath: Allan Warren – cropped
Edward the Black Prince: Josep Renalias
Egerton House: © Old Bunyard
Elham Murders: © Old Bunyard
Eltham Palace: Tom Parnell
Fairlawne: Nigel Chadwick
Faversham: © Old Bunyard
Faversham Abbey: Marathon – cropped
Faversham Stone Chapel: © Old Bunyard
Fordwich: John Salmon – cropped
Fort Amherst: Clem Rutter
Foxgrove Road: Blue Square Thing
Frederick Forsyth: Das blaue Sofa – cropped
Fyndon Gate: © Old Bunyard
Garden of England: © Old Bunyard
Godinton House: W. N. Toke Coleman – cropped
Goodnestone House: © Old Bunyard
The Grange:
 JackyR – cropped
Great Maytham Hall: Stephen Nunney – cropped
Greenwich Meridian: Markhamilton – cropped
Greyfriars Chapel: © Old Bunyard
Groombridge Place: Simon Lawson – cropped
Guildhall Museum: Clem Rutter
Higham Hall: rob bishop – cropped
High Elms Country Park: Dudley Miles
High Sheriff of Kent: © High Sheriff of Kent
Hole Park: © Old Bunyard
Hollingbourne Manor: Nigel Chadwick – cropped
Holly-boy and ivy-girl: © Old Bunyard
Holwood House: Glyn Baker – cropped
Roy Hodgson:
 Rob Bogaerts/Anefo
Hop Farm: JediLofty – cropped
Horne’s Place Chapel: Ron Strutt – cropped
House of Agnes: © Old Bunyard
Bobby Houghton: Fernando Pereira/Anefo
Howlett’s Wildlife Park: Michael Haslam – cropped
Huffkins: © Old Bunyard
Ightham Mote: Katie Chan – cropped
Jezreel’s Tower: Cunningham – cropped
John Wells: Open Media Ltd. – cropped
Jutes: mbartelsm – cropped
Kent & East Sussex Railway: © Keith Rylands
Kent Battle of Britain Museum: Ron Hann – cropped
Kentish cherry batter pudding: © Old Bunyard
Kentish dialect: © Old Bunyard
Kentish glory: Mikael Milden – cropped
Kentish plover: Shantanu Koveskar – cropped
Kentish rag: © Old Bunyard
Kent Life: Danny Nicholson – cropped
King’s School, Canterbury: © Old Bunyard
Kit’s Coty House: Simon Burchell – cropped
Leas Cliff Hall: Nixii9 – cropped
Leas Lift: Charlotte-Crofton – cropped
Leeds Castle: chensiyuan – cropped
Lullingstone Castle: Agadant – cropped
Lullingstone Roman Villa: cropped
Lympne Castle: ㇹヮィㇳ – cropped
Maison Dieu, Dover: Hajotthu – cropped
Maison Dieu, Ospringe: © Old Bunyard
Marlowe Theatre: © Old Bunyard
Matfield House: David Kemp
Milton Chantry: Agw19666 – cropped
Minster Abbey: Nissarana – cropped
Minster-in-Thanet Priory: Simon Burchell
Mote Park: Penny Mayes – cropped
National Maritime Museum: Katie Chan – cropped
Oakwood House: © Old Bunyard
Old Canonry: KaleidoscopeMeg – cropped
Old Royal Naval College: Albertistvan
Old Soar House: Ron Strutt – cropped
Otford Palace: Richard Croft – cropped
Port Lympne Safari Park: Serge Ottaviani – cropped
Ramsgate Tunnels: Funk Dooby – cropped
Reculver Towers: PhilipJSchadenfreude – cropped
Rochester Castle: Clem Rutter – cropped
St Anselm: Ealdgyth – cropped
St Bertha: © Old Bunyard
Siege of Dover: DeFacto – cropped
Vanessa Redgrave: Georges Biard – cropped